Total Solar Eclipse Lake Erie, Ohio: Yacht Charter of a Lifetime

solar eclipse 2024

April 8, 2024 is a once in a lifetime celestial event known as the “Great North American Eclipse”. It promises to be spectacular! The total eclipse path will occur right over Northeast Ohio and Lake Erie bringing us into total darkness. The PowerPlay Yacht is in the water early and ready to take 6 fortunate guests out to view the solar eclipse they will never forget. We will be cruising WITH the “Path of Totality” of complete darkness as it crosses Lake Erie. Since we are cruising in-motion coinciding with its path, observers aboard PowerPlay will experience a longer time in this massive shadow than if they were viewing it on land!

Be sure to reach out to Captain Jim at 216-338-7618 to book your seats for this event! Cruise will be departing Son Rise Marina in Sandusky Ohio at high noon and returning to the dock at 6pm. You are welcome to arrive early in case there is significant traffic due to the celestial event. Safety eyewear for the viewing the eclipse and champagne toast are provided. Individual seats and group order are available to book online at 

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